May 31, 2020
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amazon mobile popover

Amazon Mobile Popover – How to add to your blog

Those looking for another avenue for revenue, slide on over to Amazon’s Affiliate Site and try out the Amazon Mobile Popover feature.

Difficulty: Medium (only because it could be risky not because its hard)

Amazon Mobile Popover

Have you ever been scrolling through a website or even playing a mobile game and at the bottom of your screen an ad pops up?

This is very similar to that.

The difference, its specifically for amazon products you are linking in your website or blog.

So with Amazon’s Mobile Popover feature, as visitors to your blog/website scroll past an amazon link in your page, it will generate a small pop up at bottom of your screen. Making it extremely easy to click the link right then and there. In my opinion, way less cheesy looking than other ad’s you see in websites for amazon products.

*Note: this only applies to the view on a mobile device, not the desktop version*

Below I’ve listed the steps to add this feature to your website or blog. Follow along or watch the video!

Example: Scrolling to this point will trigger popover feature

How to Add Mobile Popover to your Site

Make sure you an Amazon Affiliate. You have to signup and be approved before you can continue.

1. Click Product Linking Tab then Mobile Popover button

2. Find the tab labeled Product Linking, then click “Mobile Popover”

3. Once there you’ll see this screen.

5. Follow the instructions for your specific site or blog

6. Make sure that you have linked a product in your blog or site.

7. Enjoy!

Amazon Mobile Popover:

Questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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