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Minute Suites at DFW Priority Pass Lounge – First Impression (Review)

Minute Suites Review – DFW

We had a 10 hour layover in Dallas. I had never been to a Minute Suites so decided to check it out.

Minutes Suites in DFW is part of the Priority Pass network.

My first impression was that the place looked tiny – very narrow.

The lady at the desk told us that our Priority Pass membership granted us one hour free and any time after that would be charged at $28 per hour. She also mentioned that all items we saw were for sale (drinks and snacks are NOT free like at The Club at DFW.

We had to show proof of identity and had to provide a credit card (presumably for any snack purchases and time over an hour).

She then showed us to our suite.

The suite was small. Brandon said it felt like a room on a cruise ship. There was a couch that could be used as a bed.

There were snacks and drinks aplenty to tease you into buying them.

There was a TV screen where you could watch TV, movies or use it as a computer.

Since I was only planning on staying an hour I was never able to really relax as I kept checking the time to make sure we didn’t go over an hour.

I’m glad to have experienced a Minute Suites but I have no desire to go back.

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