Ridge Loop Trail Garden of the Gods Hike

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A quick but overlooked hike on the Ridge Loop Trail at the Garden of the Gods


Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Garden of the Gods - Park Map

Start out in parking lot 10 off Juniper Way

Walk up hill through the parking lot until you get to the upper entrance of the lot.

Garden of the Gods

Cross the street

The Ridge Trail

In about two minutes the trail comes to a Y. It’s a loop so you can go either way. The pictures below are from when we took a right at the Y.

Garden of the Gods Trail

In a couple minutes you come to a lookout.

Garden of the Gods Trail

Just continue to follow the trail and enjoy the amazing sites.

Garden of the Gods hike
Garden of the Gods hike
Garden of the Gods hike

Eventually you come back to the Y in the trail.

Garden of the Gods hike

Cross the road and be back to your car in a couple minutes.

Summary – Ridge Loop Trail Garden of the Gods Ridge Hike

The entire hike takes only about 15 minutes but has some amazing views.

Also it’s close to the main Garden Trail but has a fraction of the tourists so I find it more enjoyable.

If you will be in Garden of the Gods this is a worthwhile detour.

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