Things to do in Tomar Portugal

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From Coimbra, we took a two hour train ride for €9.60 to Tomar Portugal. Here are the things we liked most.

Templar Castle

Tomar Portugal

In 1160, Knights Templar Grand Master Gualdim Pais, made Tomar home.

Tomar eventually became the seat of the Order of the Knights Templar.

The center of the complex is the Rotunda or typical circular Templar Church.

Tomar Portugal - Templar Church

Darlene said it’s the coolest church she has seen.

Tomar Portugal
Things to do in Tomar Portugal 126

Convento Cristo

Tomar Portugal - Order of Christ

Following the dissolution of the Knights Templar in 1319, the Order of Christ took over and expanded the complex.

Things to do in Tomar Portugal 127

Note the aqueduct on the left side bringing water to the convent.

The convent doesn’t just have a cloister, it has eight cloisters.

Tomar Portugal
Things to do in Tomar Portugal 128

The convent had a lot of unique architectural features.

Things to do in Tomar Portugal 129
Famous Manueline window of Convento Cristo, Tomar
Tomar Portugal

Though simple, I loved the giant dining hall with marble tables.

Things to do in Tomar Portugal 130

€6 admission fee to the Convent and Castle. Open 9:00 – 17:00

Wander the Castle Grounds

Tomar Portugal

You can wander the castle grounds for free.

You can even walk the ramparts.

Things to do in Tomar Portugal 131

Between the convent castle and the grounds, we spent over four hours there.

Praca da Republica

Things to do in Tomar Portugal 132

The main square of old Tomar with the Templar castle above on the hill.

I don’t know what it is, but I really liked this town square. I think it was the black and white stonework. I felt like I was walking on a chess board.

John the Baptist Church

Things to do in Tomar Portugal 133

On the opposite side of Praça da Republica lies John the Baptist Church. It’s not spectacular but worth going in since it’s free.

Wander the Old Town

Things to do in Tomar Portugal 134

With cobbled pedestrian streets, wandering the old town can be an enjoyable way to pass an hour.

Mata Nacional Dos Sete Montes

Things to do in Tomar Portugal 135

The National Forest of Seven Hills is a nice park, near the convent and castle, for a picnic, walk, or even a run as there is about a 3K loop.

Things to do in Tomar Portugal 136

The Matchbook Museum

We did not go, but if you are looking for something quirky, try the Matchbook Museum, with over 43,000 matchbooks.

No smoking please. You don’t want to burn the place down.

Summary: Things to do in Tomar Portugal

Tomar is nice but nothing spectacular. The Convento do Cristo and Templar Castle are the main reasons to come to town.

Tomar doesn’t feel very touristy, which we liked. But not being touristy meant that there weren’t a lot of restaurant choices.

Yesterday: Coimbra

Tomorrow: Obidos


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